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The journey is self-mastery as it starts with Self A♠️ and K♠️ is recognizing how to use all the cards ♦️♣️=♠️ or learn how they all work. But I like the cards because I’m not a heart and only know you hearts can balance me and help me understand the value of it and use my -challenging karma card the 6 ❤️ of heart. Especially 6 ❤️ of hearts I meet who are on the high side of how it suppose to be played. The issue is no school teaches true self-mastery so you can respect others and become fully aware socially of self then Learn all. And that’s metaphysical and social aspects in traditional schools! I know everyone is not going to become a spade King or Queen of spades ♠️ aware of all and teach social and physical relationships but I believe preferred few can gain the awareness and knowledge to do so and become understanding. To show and teach from King of spades or Q♠️ takes self-mastery first because that’s what universal knowledge.

We live in a mundane world where it’s only a few real QK♠️ are that are born and they are not in control only mundane Jacks & Queens to aces ♣️♦️♠️controlling education and social norms. People will only become the best ♣️♦️or confused spiritually ♠️ and physical. The separation between spiritual and physical is thin. The education system does not teach being fully aware of “ all” which is a spades mission but rare for King and Queen of spades born people, we have been misled for centuries. We label the education system 10♣️J♠️and 8♦️K♠️Q♠️ government cards because that’s the role they play and take on! But we don’t have to depend on there are Undeveloped programs that are about money and incorporating the minds of Americans or Nationals to profit. It takes all of us who Are Q of King ♠️ spades observers and initiates who started with A♠️ spades that seek K♠️spade knowledge to educate a nation to master individual energy and we gave that power to the government and education system to say where your energy goes, who don’t know the purpose of the Sun Line and responsibility to insight and inspire for us to find the Knowledge of self or Ace of Spades♠️ or Diamond♦️ or Heart❤️. Your A ♦️ but you may not be fully comfortable as a King “” role or playing outside the card you may hold in mercury through Neptune, which is your natural role in a mundane mind state. because you are an Ace♦️, you are becoming a king ♦️ but it takes time and not instant unless karmically adept, as our karmas are the true points and how we handle life and opportunutes. So I need a King to show me how to take my 9 to a king or operate and understand the role and karma. Be the best heart as no one will understand outside of us Spiritualists to become an evolved 2 in Saturn take that to grow! The mundane will only look to be or handle that 9 or 2 in Saturn with growing pains or denial of that card’s journey. Because they are not understanding the energy they are giving off and attracting with a 9 in Saturn on the mundane level. To inform and be receptive is the true mission of mastery and they don’t teach that or the controllers of our education system. And also even the one who seeks to become as evolve or be in the Energy of a master knows your mastery is truly your experience and all outside you have not mastered and can use to learn and grow! So this is a life journey! That’s why your government has failed you because they are not as wise and old as they think and are learning also! There may only be one King and Queens ♠️ GOD! Everyone’s role is mastery of your suit and life to become an observer and play the role of the K♠️Q♠️ and play your social role ♣️♦️♠️❤️ in that King or Queen of spade and educate about the all physically and metaphysical- spiritual and earth connections! I do look to become or Play the King ♠️ and live outside my mundane body but That still will reflect my 3♦️ experience and Journey to k♦️! It’s my choice to elevate beyond into the King Spade awareness and play my Part As I A♦️!

Your Elemental Mastery is What Earth-Wind-Water-Fire element you came back to master (Mulch/earth physical transformation for value, airplanes or writing/travel, Mind/Mental and matter interaction, Mathematician, travel, emotional development /character development, preservation, nursing for emotional needy, sports, academia discovery, plant or wildlife preservation are all elemental understanding in cards and astrology!

When I say mundane I’m speaking about people who do not value the true spiritual purpose and social purpose of their path. Not all want to know or even bother to think about a higher social purpose or order that is distinctive and individualized! To know your karma or purpose? Two A♦️ will not have the same social patterns as the 4 of diamond! One may have karma with a King the Result will be in Ace ♦️ fashion but another may have it with a Q♣️! To live outside of the mundane you realize this karma and purpose and chose to act upon and take responsibility and not blame everyone for the karma with that card. They may challenge you to become more aware of your 5 and 9! in your spread!
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People are not even knowing or starting with A♠️ to become a k♠️ or Q♠️ because A♠️ will bring a mirror and no one likes emotional mirrors 🪞what they love and hate about there-self! That is love and hate or personal trials to be corrected! They refuse to change to accept their peer and family influence taught them who they are and how to interact socially and are unaware of the fact until you meet with opposing ♦️❤️♠️♣️ or people with different roles as again we all carry a mission. Deep down stubborn mundane don’t believe everyone else matters in the learning experience or outside of there self and their trauma and everyone is to blame. To see we all connect and share paths and must accept opposition and identify the self objectively. I know I am and who You are but My I am is not a threat nor is yours. But when we face I am some people are threatened by your I am or who You are because to be that comes with beliefs and Emotions 7❤️. To even see other people “I am” again is not against yours but often it comes across that way! All of our ❤️ Hearts “I am matter” and karma with their King through Ace ♣️♦️❤️♠️ karma shapes their view and shapes how they speak and we respond or battle if I am or I Think of different emotional Perspectives! As soon as you Play an Ace as a mirror to discuss objectives in perspectives 🪞 “Who they are and what they did” becomes huh “what I do” “what you talking about” I did nothing wrong but express Me and that challenge is their imaginary self or Card Self “” learned patterns and how they identify with there Emotions! How one identifies with the self and that connection they bring to others in that context will always come with ego two individuals meeting without purpose except for self-satisfaction (7❤️ ) (will bring this matter up in real-time in your spread bringing the self to the outer world can be a struggle) “there/your” emotions erupt and battles of the Egos collide when your ego or self is rejected (battle of each individual’s self/ego)! No one likes the fact their karma affects their people skills and ❤️ it’s always the other person’s fault in a mundane atmosphere no awareness or recognition of All. Not enough K♠️ or Q♠️ masters who can truly teach the first lesson of the K♠️ is 3❤️A❤️Q♣️ – logical and emotional awareness or others unionized
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I will write more! Book will come 2022 and I do want to collaborate with other cardologers! I will include my former students, readers/consultations, and teachers/influence in this book! And we all will utilize NFT marketing!
So I need, an artist for design and write monthly pay until publishing plus editor rights royalties by nft format!
Written January 30th 2022 Respect to Pluto
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