The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (2023)

The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (1)

There are many Bo Jackson rookie cards out there, and it can be tough to figure out which one Bo Jackson rookie card is the best for you.

This blog post will discuss each card’s different features and values.

We’ll also talk about the year they were made and how to find the best deals.

So whether you’re a collector or just looking for an excellent investment, read on for all the information you need!

Bo Jackson Rookie Card Table Of Contents

What Year Was Bo Jackson’s Rookie Card Released?

Even though a few minor league cards are floating around, the 1986 and 1987 Bo Jackson baseball cards are considered his MLB rookie cards.

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Which Bo Jackson Rookie Card Is The Best?

Several companies released Bo Jackson rookie cards. Here we are going to rank our favorites.

Our Pick

The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (2)
The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (3)

1. 1987 Topps Bo Jackson Rookie Card Future Stars #170

Our top pick for the best Bo Jackson rookie card is not the most expensive baseball card on the list or the hardest to find.

However, there is something special about the 1987 Topps Future Stars Bo Jackson rookie card.

This Bo Jackson baseball card was the first card many collectors had of Bo Jackson, and it was the first chance they had at getting their hands on one of his cards.

Its collectability is much more about the nostalgia of the 1987 Topps set and the fact that this was their first year of collecting for many.

The classic wood grain of the 1987 set is hard not to love, and the overlay of the Future Stars title looks great.

But even better, you can usually snag this card on eBay for just a few bucks.

2. 1986 Topps Traded Bo Jackson Rookie Card #50T

Like other years, Topps puts out a small set of baseball cards in-between seasons to show which players changed teams or were brought up to the majors.

The 1986 Topps Traded Bo Jackson rookie card is one of our favorite Bo Jackson rookie cards.

The classic 1986 black border top with the blue Royals name perfectly matches the blue on his uniform and the light blue background.

When it comes to colors, this is a beautiful baseball card.

This is also one of the few Bo Jackson rookie cards which is not an action shot, being a standard portrait of the rookie sensation.

The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (4)
The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (5)
(Video) 1991: Top 20 Most Valuable BO JACKSON Baseball Cards From The 1991 MLB Season! Episode 5
The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (6)
The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (7)

3. 1986 Donruss The Rookies Bo Jackson Rookie Card #38

I don’t know what happened in 1986, but Bo Jackson only did portrait-style pictures for his rookie cards.

The Donruss series “The Rookies” was a similar release to the Topps traded, except it only featured players who were just called up or on the verge of making their major league debut.

While most of the players from these sets are forgettable, the Bo Jackson rookie card provides a bright spot in the series.

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(Video) 1987: Top 15 Most Valuable BO JACKSON Baseball Cards From The 1987 MLB Season! Episode 1

4. 1987 Donruss Rated Rookie Bo Jackson Rookie Card #35

There was something tough about the 1987 Donruss baseball card set.

The back border with hints of gray and yellow wasn’t the most beautiful cards, but they had grit.

But similar to what we have seen on other Bo Jackson rookie cards, this card pops because of the classic blue Royals jersey and how it compliments the different card colors.

The 1987 cards were also some of our first opportunities to see action shots of Bo Jackson on his rookie cards.

The Donruss, while still very affordable, were not as easily found in 1987, which made them even more special for collectors who wanted to get their hands on a Bo Jackson rookie.

The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (10)
The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (11)

5. 1988 Topps Football Bo Jackson Rookie Card #327

Even though we all knew Bo Jackson played baseball and football, his official Bo Jackson football card didn’t come out until 1988, a year after the Bo Jackson baseball cards.

It’s not the most exciting card, but Bo Jackson in a classic Raiders jersey is quite a sight.

This Bo Jackson card is highly collectible and can demand a pretty penny.

(Video) 1990: Top 25 Most Valuable BO JACKSON Baseball Cards From The 1990 MLB Season! Episode 4

Mainly because many of these Bo Jackson cards have been graded, and even numerous autograph options are on the market, making this a very sought-after card.

Who Is Bo Jackson?

Bo Jackson is a former professional baseball and football player.

He is best known for his time with the Kansas City Royals and the Los Angeles Raiders.

Jackson was born in Bessemer, Alabama, and excelled in baseball and football from an early age.

He was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 1986 MLB draft but chose to play football instead. Jackson was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1987 NFL draft but was released before the season began.

He joined the Raiders later that year and helped lead the team to a Super Bowl victory in 1990.

After retiring from football in 1991, Jackson returned to baseball and played for the Royals until his retirement in 1994.

Throughout his career, Jackson was considered one of the most talented athletes of his generation. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006.

Bo Jackson’s Baseball Background

The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (12)

Jackson began his professional baseball career in 1982 with the Birmingham Barons, a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.

He played well for the Barons, batting .277 with 9 home runs and 50 RBIs in 109 games. His strong performance earned him a promotion to the major leagues in August of that year.

Jackson made his major league debut on August 2, against the New York Yankees. He went 0-for-3 at the plate but made an impact on defense, robbing Yankees first baseman Don Mattingly of a hit.

Jackson would play parts of four seasons with the White Sox before being traded to the Kansas City Royals in 1986.

He would spend six seasons with the Royals, including one All-Star appearance in 1989.

In 1992, Jackson announced his baseball retirement to focus on his football career. However, he would briefly return to baseball in 1994, appearing in 8 games for the California Angels.

Jackson finished his baseball career with a .250 batting average, 141 home runs, and 415 RBIs in 827 games.

He was named the Texas League Player of the Year and a Baseball America Minor League All-Star.

Bo Jackson’s Baseball Accomplishments

The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (13)

He was the first athlete to be named an All-Star in two major sports and won the Heisman Trophy in 1985.

Jackson hit 141 home runs and stole 193 bases as a baseball player.

He was also named American League Rookie of the Year in 1986.

In 1989, he was named MVP of the All-Star Game after hitting a home run and stealing a base.

Jackson’s career was cut short by injury, but he is still considered one of the greatest athletes.

Bo Jackson Becomes A Two-Sport Superstar

The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (14)

Bo Jackson was a stand-out football player from an early age.

In high school, he was recruited by multiple colleges and eventually chose to play for Auburn University.

Jackson quickly proved his talent on the field, setting multiple records and becoming a two-time Heisman Trophy winner.

After college, he was drafted by the Los Angeles Raiders and played for four seasons before retiring from the NFL.

However, he made a brief comeback in 1995 with the Kansas City Royals before retiring from professional football.

Throughout his career, Jackson demonstrated exceptional speed, strength, and agility, cementing his place as one of the greatest football players of all time.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Bo was born on November 30th, 1962. He is currently 60 years old.

His rookie cards are his most valuable, and you can see the list above.

He currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Bo is 6’1″.

He retired from the NFL after the 1990 season, and from baseball in 1994.

Very. He has a 40 yard dash clocked at 4.16 seconds, although Jackson contends the right time is 4.13 seconds.

(Video) A PERFECT Bo Jackson Auto Rookie Card! 😱

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The Best Bo Jackson Rookie Card? 5 Ranked And Reviewed (15)

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(Video) Mail Day - Bo Jackson 1998 Topps Rookie Card PSA 8 - Los Angles Raiders


What is the best Bo Jackson rookie card? ›

1. 1987 Topps Bo Jackson Rookie Card Future Stars #170. Our top pick for the best Bo Jackson rookie card is not the most expensive baseball card on the list or the hardest to find. However, there is something special about the 1987 Topps Future Stars Bo Jackson rookie card.

What brand of rookie card is best? ›

Topps is considered the leader of the industry, and rookie cards produced by Topps are often very highly sought after. For example, a graded 1/1 Mike Trout rookie card that Topps produced in 2011 sold for $1.05 million in 2021.

What are the best baseball cards to collect 2022? ›

Best Baseball Card Packs to Buy in 2022
  • 2022 Topps Chrome: Best of the Year. ...
  • 2022 Topps Series 1: Best for “Everyone” ...
  • 2022 Topps Heritage: Best for Nostalgic Set Collectors. ...
  • 2022 Bowman: Best for Prospects. ...
  • 2022 Archives Signature Series Active: Best for Autographs. ...
  • 2022 Topps Gypsy Queen: Best Oddball Pack.

What was the highest selling rookie card? ›

As of July 28, 2021

The most expensive NFL trading card sale to date was a 2017 National Treasures NFL Shield Patrick Mahomes rookie signed card that sold for $4.3 million at a private auction. The card is a 1-of-1 BGS 8.5.

What collectable cards are hot right now? ›

Hottest Sports Cards Right Now August 2022
  • 2001 Topps Chrome Traded Albert Pujols RC.
  • 2019 Bowman Chrome Gold Shimmer Refractor #d /50 Julio Rodriguez.
  • 2002 Fleer Ultra Sue Bird RC.
  • 2011 Bowman Chrome Paul Goldschmidt BCP-99 Auto.
  • 2021 Parkside NWSL Trinity Rodman (100 copies)
31 Aug 2022

What is the rarest rookie card? ›

It's believed there are only three PSA 10 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie cards that exist, making it the most valuable rookie card of all time, in any sport.

Are Bo Jackson baseball cards worth any money? ›

Bo Jackson Baseball Sports Card Demand And Pricing

Bo Jackson Baseball has a total of 18 sports cards auctions ending over the next 3 days with an average current price of $191. That is a difference of -17.56% in sports card value versus the list's overall average auction price of $224.53.

What are the best baseball cards to invest in? ›

It's not hard to figure out the pillars of the baseball card collecting community. Rising superstars like Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ronald Acuna Jr. are the hottest names on the market, while Mike Trout continues to command a premium as he carves his path to all-time greatness.

What baseball rookie cards should I invest in? ›

Best 2022 Baseball Rookie Cards Sets to Collect

This includes 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball, 2022 Topps Series 2 Baseball and 2022 Topps Update Series Baseball. Other early favorites consist of 2022 Topps Heritage Baseball, 2022 Bowman Baseball and 2022 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball.

What are the best football cards to buy in 2022? ›

Best Football Card Packs To Buy 2022
  • 2021 Mosaic Football Card Pack.
  • 2021 Panini Prizm Football Card Pack.
  • 2021 Panini Select Football Card Pack.
  • 2021 Panini Contenders Football Card Pack.
  • 2022 Panini Prizm Draft Picks.
  • 2022 Panini Contenders Draft Picks.
8 Sept 2022

Who are the best rookies in baseball 2022? ›

Without further ado, here are the rankings.
  • Julio Rodríguez , OF, Mariners (previous rank: 1) ...
  • Adley Rutschman, C, Orioles (previous rank: 4) ...
  • Michael Harris II, OF, Braves (previous rank: 2) ...
  • Spencer Strider, RHP, Braves (previous rank: 3) ...
  • Steven Kwan, OF, Guardians (previous rank: 8)
5 Oct 2022

What baseball cards are in demand? ›

These are the most valuable baseball cards of all time.
  • 1951 Bowman Willie Mays. ...
  • 1969 Topps Reggie Jackson. ...
  • 1909 T204 Ramly Walter Johnson. ...
  • 1954 Topps Ernie Banks. ...
  • 1914 Cracker Jack Ty Cobb. ...
  • 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Orange Refractor Autograph Mike Trout. ...
  • 1909 T206 John McGraw (Tie)
28 Oct 2022

What baseball cards are increasing in value? ›

Collecting sports cards has been a popular hobby for decades, but as of 2020, it's turned into full-blown mania—and there's a lot of profit to be made off the hype.
What are the best sports cards to invest in 2022?
  • Mickey Mantle cards. ...
  • Honus Wagner cards. ...
  • Luka Dončić rookie cards. ...
  • Mike Trout cards. ...
  • Ronald Acuna Jr.
11 Jan 2022

What cards sell for the most money? ›

Most Expensive Sports Trading Card Sales to Date
1. Mickey Mantle1952 Topps SGC 9.5$12.6 million
2. Honus WagnerT206 SGC 2$7.25 million
3. Honus WagnerT206 SGC 3$6.6 million
T4. Mickey Mantle1952 Topps PSA 9$5.2 million
6 more rows

Which NFL rookie cards are most valuable? ›

Here are 10 NFL trading cards that are worth a fortune.
  • 10/10 1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski Rookie Card #34 - $174,000.00.
  • 9/10 1976 Topps Walter Payton Rookie Card #148 - $228.000. ...
  • 8/10 2000 Bowman Chrome Tom Brady Rookie Card #236 - $233,700.00.
  • 7/10 1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card #122 - $264.000.
18 Jul 2022

Are rookie cards a good investment? ›

If you're looking to invest in the sports stars of the future, there is certainly a good deal of risk involved. Rookie cards tend to sell for a lot more, and they are also a great way to get your sports card feet wet.

What is the most wanted football card? ›

1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card #122

Namath's rookie card from 1965 Topps is by far the most coveted card of the set. With a PSA population of 1,402, only five cards, approximately 0.003%, have earned a PSA 9.

What cards should I collect? ›

Best Non-Sports Cards to Collect
  • Magic, The Gathering. Trading Card Games (TCGs) are super popular in the hobby, and while I'll look into a few more this article – Magic, The Gathering is arguably the most popular, and the one that's been around for longest. ...
  • Star Wars Cards. ...
  • Garbage Pail Kids. ...
  • Superhero Cards. ...
  • Pokemon Cards.

What sports cards are collectors looking for? ›

These are the most valuable sports cards of all time.
  • LeBron James 2004 Topps Chrome Superfractor (Tie) ...
  • Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer (Tie) ...
  • Mickey Mantle 1951 Bowman. ...
  • Pete Rose/Al Weis/Ken McMullen/Pedro Gonzalez 1963 Topps (Tie) ...
  • Babe Ruth 1916 M101-5 Sporting News (Tie)
13 May 2022

What is the rarest card on earth? ›

The Shichifukujin Dragon, created to celebrate the opening of the DCI Tournament Center in Tokyo, Japan, is also the only one of its kind in existence. In Japanese mythology, 'Shichifukujin' is the name given to the Seven Deities of Good Fortune.

What is the rarest card of all time? ›

1. Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps SGC 9.5 ($12,600,000) Pictured above is the first trading card to sell for eight figures. Mickey Mantle's 1952 Topps rookie card has cemented itself as a pivotal piece of Americana.

How much is my Bo Jackson card worth? ›

Bo Jackson Baseball Trading Card Values
1986 Donruss Highlights #43 Bo Jackson$3.03
1990 Topps Big #6 Bo Jackson$0.48
1990 Topps Coins #19 Bo Jackson$0.40
1990 Topps Doubleheaders #35 Bo Jackson$1.32
1990 Topps Glossy All Stars #17 Bo Jackson$0.75
193 more rows

What is the rarest MLB card? ›

A 1952 Topps #311 Mantle card sold for $12.6 million at auction on Aug. 28. It surpassed the record for the most expensive baseball card of all time by over $5 million and blew past the game-worn Diego Maradona jersey from his “Hand of God” goal ($9.3 million) to become the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia.

What are the top 10 baseball cards that are worth money? ›

Top Baseball Cards Worth Money 2022
  • 2022 Bowman Chrome Julio Rodriguez.
  • 2022 Topps Series 2 Bobby Witt Jr.
  • 2022 Bowman Chrome Elly De La Cruz.
  • Derek Jeter 1993 Upper Deck.
  • 1987 Donruss Barry Bonds Error.
  • 1993 Finest Refractor Ken Griffey.
  • 1990 Topps Frank Thomas No Name.
  • 1988 Craig Biggio Scored Traded.
13 Sept 2022

What baseball cards should I sell? ›

A few collections that are typically always in demand include the 1952 Topps baseball cards as well as the 1933 Goudey cards. Any cards that include Mickey Mantle or other notorious well-known baseball players from the Golden Era of the USA are sought after and easiest to sell.

What brand of baseball cards should I collect? ›

Collecting is all about preference and what you like, so there is no right or wrong way to do it. There are two main card companies, Topps and Panini. Topps is the only company who holds a baseball license (which was just recently renewed).

Are sports cards a good investment in 2022? ›

Sports cards are not dead, however there has been a market correction in 2022. Popular sports cards like Panini and Optic have plummeted in value. However, even with this market correction, it's still possible to make money from sports cards in 2022.

What sports card boxes to buy right now? ›

Best Baseball Card Boxes to Buy 2022: Top 5
  • 2022 Topps Chrome. Check Prices eBay. ...
  • 2022 Topps Gypsy Queen. Check Prices eBay. ...
  • 2021 Bowman Draft. Check Prices eBay. ...
  • 2021 Bowman Chrome. Check Prices eBay. ...
  • 2021 Bowman Baseball. Check Prices eBay.
5 Oct 2022

What is the most sought after sports card? ›

This is a list of the highest known prices paid for sports cards. The current record price is the US$12.600 million paid for a 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card (Topps; #311) on August 28, 2022, breaking all previous records.

What are the best sports cards to collect right now? ›

#1 Hottest Sports Cards Right Now – Julio Rodriguez, Seattle Mariners
  • 2019 Bowman Chrome Prospect Julio Rodriguez.
  • 2022 Topps Series 2 Julio Rodriguez Short Print RC.
27 Jul 2022

Who is the best rookie of all time? ›

Here are the ten best NBA rookie seasons of all time.
  1. Wilt Chamberlain. No one could ever match Wilt Chamberlain's rookie season.
  2. Oscar Robertson. Before Russell Westbrook, there was Oscar Robertson. ...
  3. Magic Johnson. ...
  4. Michael Jordan. ...
  5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. ...
  6. Elgin Baylor. ...
  7. David Robinson. ...
  8. Larry Bird. ...
11 Dec 2021

Who is the best rookie in baseball right now? ›

American League
  1. Julio Rodríguez, OF, Mariners. Age: 21. WAR: 4.8 OPS+: 135. ...
  2. Bobby Witt Jr., SS/3B, Royals. Age: 22. ...
  3. Adley Rutschman, C, Orioles. Age: 24. ...
  4. Steven Kwan, OF, Guardians. Age: 25. ...
  5. Jeremy Peña, SS, Astros. Age: 24. ...
  6. George Kirby, RHP, Mariners. Age: 24. ...
  7. Jose Miranda, 1B/3B, Twins. Age: 24. ...
  8. Félix Bautista, RHP, Orioles. Age: 27.
7 Sept 2022

Who's the best rookie in baseball right now? ›

Julio Rodríguez, OF, Mariners (previous rank: 1)

He leads all rookies in homers (23) and ranks second in steals (24), and he leads qualified American League rookies in slugging (.

Who wins Rookie of the Year 2022? ›

As baseball's best players descended on Los Angeles for All-Star Game festivities in July, one burgeoning young standout had their attention most of all.

Who will be 2022 rookie of the year? ›

Mariners outfielder Julio Rodriguez is Baseball America's 2022 Major League Rookie of the Year, becoming the first Mariner to ever win the award. Rodriguez has hit . 280/. 342/.

Which rookie has the most home runs in 2022? ›

How has the most home runs by a rookie this regular season?
Interpreted as:
NAMEJulio Rodriguez
14 more columns

Is it a good time to sell baseball cards? ›

This is why selling and buying sports cards is challenging but also fun. For example, the best time to sell NFL football cards is during the months of September through January the next year. Then, best time to sell your MLB cards would be starting with April and up to October.

Are baseball card prices falling? ›

Their prices are holding steady, and in some cases going up. According to industry experts, the dip in prices is being realized mostly by ultra-modern and modern cards, especially singles. Vintage cards, for the most part, are stable, as are desirable unopened wax.

Should I throw away baseball cards? ›

One of the mistakes that card collectors make when they retire is that they throw away their old cards. Instead of doing this, you and other collectors can benefit if you decide to sell baseball cards rather than throw them away.

Is Bo Jackson baseball card worth anything? ›

Bo Jackson Baseball has a total of 18 sports cards auctions ending over the next 3 days with an average current price of $188. That is a difference of -211.63% in sports card value versus the list's overall average auction price of $585.87.

What is the rarest NFL rookie card? ›

1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card #122

Namath's rookie card from 1965 Topps is by far the most coveted card of the set. With a PSA population of 1,402, only five cards, approximately 0.003%, have earned a PSA 9.

What are the best rookie baseball cards to buy? ›

WANDER FRANCO 2022 Topps Chrome Gold Wave Refractor RC SP /50 PSA 9 MINT POP 1! 2022 Topps Series 2 Julio Rodriguez RC SP Image Variation Mariners ROY SGC 10!!! 2022 Topps Diamond Icons Wander Franco Rookie RC Auto Signed On Card 04/25!! 2022 Topps Update SSP Photo Variation Code 260 Royce Lewis US105 RC Minnesota !

How much is a 1989 Fleer Bo Jackson baseball card worth? ›

Bo Jackson #285 1989 Fleer
Sale Date ▲ ▼Title ▲ ▼▲ ▼ Price
2022-11-031989 Fleer Bo Jackson #285 PSA 9 MINT$6.05
2022-10-161989 Fleer BO JACKSON #285 PSA 9 MINT Baseball Card KC Royals White Sox$11.25
2022-09-161989 Fleer #285 Bo Jackson PSA 9 63386456 #285$10.00
2022-09-131989 Fleer Bo Jackson #285 PSA 9 MINT$10.50
26 more rows

How do I know if my cards are worth money? ›

Head to and search for your card. The more refined the query, the more accurate the results. It is best to include the year, manufacturer and subject of your card in your search. If you include the card number, expect All-Star results.

What is Bo Jackson's rookie card? ›

Bo Jackson 1987 Topps"Future Stars" Rookie Card #170 (Kansas City Royals)

What brand of NFL cards are worth the most? ›

As we just made clear, Panini is the king of the hill when it comes to football cards. And the brand's Top 2 collections are Panini Prizm and Panini Select.

Who has the rarest card in the world? ›

The title of 'world's rarest trading card' is split between two quite distinct cards: the 1996 World Champion and the Shichifukujin Dragon. Only one specimen of each card exists anywhere in the world.

What is the hottest baseball card of 2022? ›

Sports Card Investor also tracks a total of 543 card in the 2022 Topps set. The top trending card in 2022 Topps is currently Yadier Molina's 2022 Topps Home Field Advantage.

What are the best baseball cards out right now? ›

Current Most Watched Baseball Cards on eBay
  • 2022 Topps Chrome Logofractor #111 Julio Rodriguez Rose Gold 1/1 RC CSG 10. ...
  • 1949 Bowman #50 Jackie Robinson RC Rookie HOF PSA 4 VG-EX " ICONIC CARD "

What is the most valuable rookie basketball card? ›

Panini's 2009-10 Panini National Treasures is one of the most coveted sets of all time, with Curry's Logoman rookie card leading the way. Not only is Curry's Logoman serial-numbered 1-of-1 autograph rookie card the most expensive basketball card ever sold, but also one of the most valuable sports cards in the hobby.

How much is a Ken Griffey Jr card 156 worth? ›

Ken Griffey Jr. #156
21 more rows


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